4 Benefits You Can Expect When Using Dry Pelleted Fertilizer On Your Farm

14 June 2017
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Are you thinking about changing the type of fertilizer being used on your old farm, or wondering what to start using on the one you're currently developing? Here are four good reasons to consider the use of organic dry pelleted fertilizer over the liquid versions you may be most familiar with:

Less Labor

One of the best things about utilizing dry pelleted fertilizer on farms is that it reduces labor requirements. Dry pelleted fertilizer is released into the soil slowly, so it lasts longer and doesn't have to be applied nearly as often as liquid fertilizer does. This means that you and your employees can spend less time in the soil making sure it's fertilized, and spend more time focusing on other tasks that need some attention.

Easier Storage

Unlike liquid fertilizers that tend to come in oddly shaped containers, dry pelleted fertilizer can be stored in bags or boxes that make it easy to store long-term. This will allow you to stock large amounts of fertilizer at one time so you don't have to buy it as often throughout the year. You might even be able to save some money for your larger bulk purchases depending on how much you buy, how often you buy it, and who you buy it from.

A Safer Environment

Because dry pelleted fertilizer maintains a solid form as it is released slowly into the soil, you don't have to worry about it traveling to neighboring food plots or into animals like you would when using liquid fertilizer. Unlike liquid fertilizer that can seep through the soil like water, dry fertilizer tends to stay in the immediate area where it's been applied. With dry pelleted fertilizer, it's easy to customize the food you provide to any of your farm plots no matter how close they are to each other.

More Efficient Management

You can more effectively manage your fertilization procedures when using dry pelleted options, as you'll be working with a longer lasting supply each year. This means that you can plan your calendars further in advance and you will know well beforehand when a new shipment of fertilizer needs to be ordered. Never be caught in need of fertilizer due to a late order again.

These are just a few of the various reasons you should consider investing in dry pelleted fertilizer for your farm – once you start using the stuff, you'll be able to make a large list of your own.