How To Keep The Water In Your Rainwater Collection Tanks As Clean As Possible

If you have a rain collecting tank attached to your downspouts and you harvest rainwater for your livestock or irrigation needs, you need to ensure the water is as clean as possible. Luckily, there are easy ways to protect your rain collection tank. Here are some essential tips to guide you: 1. Clean your roof on a regular basis As rainwater rushes down your roof toward your gutters and eventually into your rainwater tanks, it is likely to pick up sediment, debris or chemicals from your roof. To minimize this effect, you should clean your roof on a regular basis. Read More →

How To Protect Your Home’s Exterior Siding From Woodpeckers

If you live in or around a wooded area, chances are you’ve heard the telltale drumming of woodpeckers against your home. If left to their own devices, these birds can do a lot of damage to homes with wood siding. Therefore, it’s important to deter them from your property. Here are some bird friendly ways to keep them from damaging the siding on your home. Insect Repellant Woodpeckers love to eat insects. And since it isn’t uncommon for insects to be nesting inside your wood siding, it should come as no surprise that the woodpecker will do what it has Read More →